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Hollow Smile

Puppy dog eyes and a hollow smile
Close your eyes and escape for awhile
It’s a tiring task, hiding behind a happy facade
Times are tough I’ve prayed to god
With no answers or hope
A glass of wine helps me cope
Lost my faith, so now I hide
Can’t find happiness and man I’ve tried
Glass smile, sad eyes
A symphony of happy lies
I’m nothing more now than an empty shell
Not half of who I was before this personal hell
I want to be me again and don’t know how
So tell me, what do I do now?


You tell me you love me
Say it with a smile
And like a fool
I believe you every time.
I never second guess
Never think you untrue
And there is not one thing in this world,
I wouldn’t do for you.
That doesn’t matter now
Because what’s been done is done
And I cry for you now,
My strength is gone.
Fool me once shame on you
And twice its shame on me
I guess then I’m a fool
For you can do it 100 times and I still won’t see.
My heart is broken
My spirit is dust
An yet if you tell me I’m sorry
I will still give you my trust
Because you are my reason
My other half, my light
And I will do whatever it takes
If it will make everything all right.
Just tell me what to do
What can I do?
Because I still sit by waiting-
Your follower- you’re pretty little fool

You are my shining sun
You are my silver lining
You make the stars shine bright
And the birds sing sweet
My dream come true
My knight
My reason
My light

You make the darkest days dissolve
Replace them with clear skies
Take away the pain inside
Make everything right again
You are my good luck charm
My knight
My reason
My light

I dreamt so long you’d be mine
One day my dream came true
I don’t want to wake up one day
And find I’ve lost you
You are my reason
My knight
My everything
My life

And I owe everything I am
And all I will be
To my love, to you…