A lot has happened since I last posted. Some good, some bad, some really bad… Working two jobs has made cooking difficult but thanks to the great state of New Jersey I have had to give up a 10 year career because of new and very expensive licensing laws. I have given up massage and so lost my second job. My husband (I got married!) has been out of work for two years and he’s been playing Mr Mom for our daughter. He’s looking but with no real skills outside of cooking there’s not much out there that pays well.
Don’t feel sorry for us since I can’t do massage I decided to do something else I love… Skincare and makeup. I have joined the ranks of Mary Kay with the career path of becoming a director by June! Or at least in DIQ! I want the pink caddy in my driveway! So if you’d be so kind check out my website and like my page on Facebook. Mary Kay is far more than just lipstick and there’s a lot for men and women alike! I’m hoping the profit from the crazy commission rate will replace the money I’m missing from my last massage job and I am so excited to own my own business again. 😋
We are going to have a house soon… Rent to own that is less than what we are paying for our apartment and the kitchen is A-MAZ-ING!!! I can’t wait to cook in it! Especially now that I have the time again! I’ll post my recipe for a healthy, vegan chocolate mousse soon and the pumpkin variation too. It’s yummy! Until then I’ll spare you the sob stories. Remember check out my site and like my Facebook page please!!!



I’m going to do a BIG drawing once I get to 50 fans! I hope to see you online! I am very excited if you can’t tell!