You tell me you love me
Say it with a smile
And like a fool
I believe you every time.
I never second guess
Never think you untrue
And there is not one thing in this world,
I wouldn’t do for you.
That doesn’t matter now
Because what’s been done is done
And I cry for you now,
My strength is gone.
Fool me once shame on you
And twice its shame on me
I guess then I’m a fool
For you can do it 100 times and I still won’t see.
My heart is broken
My spirit is dust
An yet if you tell me I’m sorry
I will still give you my trust
Because you are my reason
My other half, my light
And I will do whatever it takes
If it will make everything all right.
Just tell me what to do
What can I do?
Because I still sit by waiting-
Your follower- you’re pretty little fool