Hello bloggers! My aim for this blog is to share recipes with those who are newly vegan or just trying to eat healthier. There is a big misconception that being vegan means you must give up taste or limit what you eat. That is very untrue. I am someone who has to have a lot of flavor in my food… Both spicy and rich. Pepper, garlic, and chocolate are my best friends when cooking! But being health conscious and allergic to all dairy products I had to find alternatives to my favorite desserts. Everything I eat and share is low in fat unless otherwise stated and vegan. Also I only will post recipes that have been tried by myself and non-vegan friends and family. I want to stress you don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy vegan food.
I will also share the happenings of my little girl who I swear will grow up to be a comedian. She is ridiculously funny and smart. She amazes me everyday. I love to share pictures of her and random artsy things I shoot. Sorry if I bore y’all sometimes. I’ll try not too. I hope you enjoy my posts! I will share soon!